"Communication is the essence of human life"

Covid-19 update

Valued Customers. We are closely monitoring the rapidly changing developments around COVID-19. We understand this is a difficult time for everyone. As a precaution, we have temporarily suspended all outpatient speech and language therapy sessions until further notice…

We are making the difference in improving the quality of life

We help people who have lost the ability to communicate or never had the ability to communicate in the first place. We support them either regain their communication or offer an alternative means of communication.

We are working to improve SLT knowledge and understanding by educating clients’ family, educators and the wider community. This helps them to access and participate in various communication environments.

Make the step...

Find out how a SLT Support can help your family member, patient or customer. It all starts with an assessment.

Any age

We work with people of all ages across different settings such as nurseries, schools, day centres, rest homes, clinics and hospitals.
Schools and hospitals partner with us to add value to their services
Schools and hospitals partner with us to add value to their services

Music therapy available now!

We now offer Neuroscience based music programs for brain training. Refer someone to us or find out more including the benefits of music therapy