SLT Support

The services we offer

A complete range of services for adults and children with speech and language needs and/or swallowing difficulties

Assessment and Diagnosis

  • Comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of speech, language, voice and swallowing problems.
  • We use formal and informal assessment tools and instrumental evaluations of swallowing (Videofluoroscopy/Modified Barium Swallow).
  • We assess and work with hearing impaired patients after getting a cochlear implant. 
  • Following from assessment, we can discuss indications for therapy, provide advice and develop appropriate therapy plans.
  • We can provide feedback to relevant professionals and family members.

Treatment and Management

  • Every child and adult presents in a different way. Our speech therapy plans reflect each person’s individuality.
  • We set functional goals for each patient and review these at regular intervals to ensure maximum therapy effectiveness.
  • We work with our patients on a regular basis, providing therapy and rehabilitation. We support family members and carers to take an active role in therapy so that they can continue to implement our advice at home.
  • We support our patients to use augmentative and alternative communication aids (AAC) such as communication books, text-to-speech aids etc in order to enable them to communicate effectively.


  • We provide training to parents, families and care givers to ensure that our clients’ communication is supported day to day and those with difficulty swallowing can feed safely.
  • We provide training to hospitals, care homes, schools and companies on topics related to speech, language and swallowing according to their needs.