Services we offer

Assessment and Diagnosis

We provide comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of speech, language, voice and swallowing problems.

We use formal and informal assessment tools and instrumental evaluation of swallowing (Videofluoroscopy/Modified Barium Swallow).

We assess and work with hearing impaired patients after getting a cochlear implant 

Following from assessment, we can discuss indications for therapy, provide advise and develop appropriate therapy plans.

We can provide feedback to relevant professionals and family members.

Treatment and Management

Every child and adult presents in a different way. Our speech therapy plans reflect each person’s individuality.

We set functional goals for each patient and review these at regular intervals to ensure maximum therapy effectiveness.

We support our patients to use augmentative and alternative communication aids (AAC) such as communication books, text-to-speech aids etc in order to enable them to communicate effectively.


We provide training to parents, families and care givers to ensure that our clients’ communication is supported day to day and those with difficulty swallowing can feed safely.

We provide training to hospitals, care homes, schools and companies on topics related to speech, language and swallowing according to their needs.

Find out how a SLT Support can help your child, family member or loved one. 

Who we work with

We work with people with the following conditions but not limited to…

Delayed and disordered language development (children who are late in talking, have difficulty understanding etc)

Speech sound difficulties (phonological and articulation disorders)

Learning disabilities (dyslexia)


Cerebral palsy

Cleft lip and palate

Acquired neurological disorders (stroke, brain injury etc ) – aphasia, dysarthria, dysphagia, dyspraxia

Progressive neurological disorders (Parkinsons disease, motor neuron disease, dementia etc)

Head and neck cancer (Laryngectomy etc)


Voice problems


Hearing impairment (cochlear implant, hearing aid)