Prevention and diagnosis

We work in variety of settings to improve the quality of life and public wellness.

We are involved in the corporate world, providing training and sensitization on hearing conservation, environmental noise management, the best vocal health and hygiene practices, effective feeding habits and diets and maintaining a general balance in life. 

We work with schools, providing early screening and guidance related to speech, language and hearing. We work alongside teachers, private tutors and parents to assist children reach their full learning and understanding potential.

We organize and participate in medical camps, provide free screenings and educate the public on speech, language and hearing disorders, treatment and proper management. We post general information and helpful tips on our social media pages regarding speech and language therapy.  Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more…

Make the step...

Find out how a SLT Support can help your family member, patient or customer. It all starts with an assessment.